About us

The Godwin Lawson Foundation is a registered charity that was set up to
commemorate the life of Godwin Lawson and to advance the education of young
people so that they can develop their capabilities as members of a tolerant society.

We do this through leisure time activities that foster a team spirit and that raise
awareness of social issues and cultural diversity.

On Saturday 27th March 2010, 17 year old Godwin Lawson was walking home with
his friends in North London when they were attacked by a group of men. The attack
was unprovoked and when Godwin went to help his friends he was fatally stabbed.
His life was abruptly taken away from all who knew and loved him.

One of the most worrying factors in today’s “postcode wars” between gangs is
that the issue of where someone lives is becoming increasingly synonymous with
affiliation. This means a significant number of young people are exposed to gang
culture solely because of where they live.

This can lead to isolation, ostracism, prejudice and genuine fear of not being able to
venture into certain areas of their borough, or other parts of London, without being
attacked. We believe that the use of sports, especially football, can be a fundamental
element in combating postcode and area rivalry on our London streets.